This website is not just for us to tell its readers about the Topsham Society. It is also here for you to tell the Committee your views on the matters that it is considering on behalf of its members. We welcome your opinions about planning proposals and other changes that could affect Topsham.

There is no need to register to use this website. However, you will find that some pages offer an opportunity for users of the site to post comments. If comments are to be useful in helping to establish the Society’s position on proposals for changes we need to know who has made the comments and if they are residents of Topsham or its surroundings. For that reason, anybody wishing to post comments here is required to register. When you register you will be required to provide your name, your house number or name, and your postcode. We also ask you to indicate if you are a member of the Society.

After registration you will be sent an e-mail giving you a link to access the site. The first thing you may wish to do after logging in is to change your password to something more memorable than the one generated automatically by the system – you will see a link to “Profile” on the right side of the page.

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