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  • Topsham Parking Review (15 Feb 2019) At its meeting on 14 January 2019, Devon County Council’s Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee approved the parking scheme proposals. The DCC website is not the easiest to explore: ... Read more ⇒
  • Clyst Road Development (13 Feb 2018) As expected, the developer appealed against refusal. A public inquiry was held over the period 4-6 December. The inspector could not be faulted for his efforts to allow all interested ... Read more ⇒
  • Car Parking in Topsham (29 Mar 2017) Devon County Council has finally got around to introducing a residents’ parking scheme in Topsham. There will be an exhibition in the Rugby Club on 23 and 24 May 2018 Read more ⇒
  • Heritage Homes – Planning Appeals (6 Nov 2017) Regrettably, Heritage Homes appealed successfully against Exeter City Council’s refusals to permit development of an office block or a block of flats on the corner of Exeter Road and Retreat ... Read more ⇒
  • Heritage Homes – Planning Appeals (22 May 2017) As expected, Heritage Homes have submitted appeals against the refusals of planning permission for the Exeter Road site between their current housing development and the motorway. Anybody who submitted comment ... Read more ⇒
  • Heritage Homes revisited (3 Mar 2017) We have been informed by Exeter City Council that Heritage Homes has submitted appeals against the refusal of planning permission for the office block and the subsequent refusal for a ... Read more ⇒