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The Topsham community bid for the Goat Walk land has been successful!

We are delighted to let you know that thanks to the immense generosity of Topsham residents, and other lovers of Topsham, the community bid for the land adjacent to the Goat Walk has been successful. The land will now be secure against building for future generations and its rural character preserved.

We narrowly beat several other bids, and the current owner is delighted that the Topsham community has been able to buy the land.

Over 450 donations were received and every single one helped us to reach the final bid we were able to make. If you have made a donation to the appeal fund then we will be acknowledging this later. However, we thought it important to let as many people know of the bid’s success as soon as possible. We will also be issuing a Press Statement as soon as we are able.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the community’s bid successful: donors, people who distributed flyers and appeal letters, Lily Neal who designed the posters, Optima Graphics who got our work out so quickly, all of you who took an interest, came to the public meeting and filled in the questionnaire, and the group who worked tirelessly to steer the process under extreme pressure of time.

The next task is for the Topsham Community Association and Topsham Society to begin to look at the structure of the body which will be set up to own and manage the land, and how input can be best achieved. The acquisition of this land presents an exciting prospect for Topsham, and we hope as many people as possible will be engaged with it.

Copy of a note from Bob Drury Chairman, Topsham Community Association.

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